Hillsboro, Oregion Wine Storage
2001 NW Aloclek Dr. Hillsboro OR 97124

About Our Cellar

Did you know that temperature and humitiy changes can be detrimental to wine?

Providing a consistent environment with relatively minor temperature and humidity fluctuations is the best way to store wine.

A temperature of 55* Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 60-70% are considered ideal for long-term wine storage. The proper humidity range prevents mold and mildew as well as drying out of the cork. The cooler temperature helps slow the aging process and neither "cooks" nor "freezes" the wine.

Premier Wine Storage offers these state-of-the art systems and benefits:

Wine Storage Facility Hillsboro

Convenient to all Portland's Westend communities, Wine Storage is located at Premier Storage Hillsboro

Are you looking for secure wine storage with the ideal climate conditions?Premier Storage has the perfect solution.